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15 Youth Organisations Receive Certification

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Four (4) local youth groups and 11 youth-serving organisations received documents of Certification from the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs on Wednesday August 12, 2020 at the Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour Conference Room in Glen Road. These stakeholders are now proudly registered to operate in Tobago in the interest of Youth Development.  Notably, the certification ceremony also took place on the occasion of the 22nd International Youth Day, which was observed under the theme, “Youth Engagement for global action.”

Some of the stakeholders that were on hand to receive this documentation include: the Pink Diamond Society for Ladies, Tobago Pan-thers, Argyle Youth Stars, Nazarene Ministries International and several Police Youth Clubs operating in communities across the island. The certification is valid for a period of one year and gives organisations access to targeted support based on their needs.

Following the ceremony, President of the Belle Garden Police Youth Club, Cindy Andrews shared, “It feels really good as a young organisation to be acknowledged and recognised for the work we are doing. We have been making small steps, and we will continue to grow eventually. We are really happy now at this stage to say that we are registered officially with the Department of Youth Affairs.”

Similarly, Daniel Wilson of the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Ambassadors emphasised, “It feels truly amazing to be recognised by the Tobago Youth Council and the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs. It was a great ceremony and we appreciate the effort that these two agencies are putting into the development of young people across the island.” Meanwhile, Alana Alleyne of the Mt. St. George Police youth Club also highlighted, “It’s an awesome feeling. I love how the Division, the Tobago Youth Council and all the other youth organisations are coming together to get our youth involved, active and engaged. It really takes a village so; I am really happy that we are reinforcing these relationships to make Tobago a better place.”

During her remarks Youth Development Director, Ann Marie deGazon congratulated the groups for taking the important step to formalise their relationship with the Division. deGazon also reminded those present that the youth department is open to serve. “We will continue to service and support youth work, as you discharge your youth development activities, projects and programmes. You will receive technical support, we will be providing some level of monitoring, training and capacity building and also facilitate networking. Additionally, as a registered organisation, you do have access to some level of financial assistance however, over time we also expect your organisations to develop strategies for sustainability as we continue to forge ahead together.”

The Division continues to emphasise the importance of inclusion and facilitating meaningful collaboration among all stakeholders. Another collection of youth organisations are expected to complete their registration with the Department of Youth Affairs in the coming weeks. For further information on the registration process, the Department can be contacted at 612-DSYA (3792) ext. 1005 and 1036 or register online at