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Bethel Youth Inspired

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“You are valued and valuable.” This was the message given by Minister Tricia Sobers to a group of 16 young people at the Bethel Youth Development Centre. The youth benefited from life coaching and motivational speeches during the “Talk Your Future” Seminar hosted by the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs. The event served to add to the holistic development of the youth in the district as they prepare for adulthood. Participants were treated to presentations by up-and-coming motivational speaker Joel Johnson and Sobers. Additionally, there were small one-on-one sessions to build confidence and promote self-expression. 

During her moving presentation, the Minister emphasised, “See yourself as valuable. See yourself as having worth. See it in yourself even when others don’t see it in you. You have to speak it. In spite of your circumstances, in spite of your situations, say to yourself; I have value. I’m important. I have value and I’m blessed.” She also encouraged those present to add positive contributions to their school, communities and by extension, the nation.

Julice Gardiner, a participant in the seminar, shared, “The session was exciting and encouraging. I learned more about how to value myself and the different ways I can show that value, like in how I speak to myself.” Highlighting the benefits of being well-rounded, Joel Wafe shared, “I learned about different things throughout the session like the importance of taking part in different activities and focusing on my education.” Meanwhile, Aiko McMillan emphasised, “I felt very inspired by this experience. One thing that stood out to me, was that you needed to have a good attitude and discipline to get where you want to go in life.”

Sharing the drive behind this initiative, Centre Coordinator Janice McMillan explained, “We want to encourage positive young people so coming off the vacation camp, which was very successful, we thought it fit to keep those young persons engaged to remind them that after vacation camp there is life. We want to create young people who can impact their peers positively, and show them that nothing can stop them. Only they can stop themselves.”