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Castara youth tackle creative design

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For a group of youth in the Castara district, the future is filled with new opportunities as a result of their participation in a Creative Design Programme hosted by the Castara Youth Development Centre. The programme saw the participation of 12 persons that began on September 7th. Topics covered the fundamentals of handcrafting beautiful clutch purses, fabric earrings and necklaces. This initiative forms part of the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs mission to create opportunities while building the capacity of the island’s youth holistically. 

Genyce Henry, 14, shared, “The class has gone very well, because I’ve learned a lot. I could not use a sewing machine before, and I can use one now! I would like to be a Nurse one day, but I am also going to use this skill to start my own business. More young people should do programmes like this, because it will definitely help in the future.”

Sheniequa Jack, 14, also highlighted, “The programme went really well. I want to start a business, but I also want to teach people what I’ve learned and become better as I go along. I would encourage others to consider the benefits of this programme. You learn skills and you learn how to work with others. Plus, it’s fun!”

Speaking on the importance of building the capacity of our young people, Youth Development Centre Coordinator Jomoy Henry said, “While I was in University, I relied on skills I learned when I was younger to support myself. These are young persons, and they don’t know where life would lead them. This is why it is imperative that all youth learn some sort of skill. It is especially important within the context of this community. Creative Design is a broad topic, but we focused on specific areas because Castara is a tourism community. Persons usually sell clutch purses and those vendors actually outsource. So, if the young persons in the community take up the skill and create their own businesses, they would be able to sell them and the vendors would not have to outsource.”

She also previewed some of the activities on the horizon at the centre. “After this class, we will have Commercial Tinting and young men will be learning this skill. Then we’ll be having Events Decorating. In a few months, we’ll be having our end-of-year Gala. The aim is to have persons utilize these skills at this event,” Henry added. The Creative Design programme is scheduled to conclude on September 28th, 2019.