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Focus on Tobago Cricket pitches

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Cricket pitch attendants attached to various recreation grounds across the island benefited from an in-depth curator workshop hosted by the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs. The sessions were conducted from December 6 – 8, 2019, at the Department of Sport, Shaw Park. This workshop was undertaken to ensure attendants are up-to-date with the core competencies and techniques of cricket pitch maintenance ahead of the Tobago Cricket Association’s annual season in January.

Pitch attendant at the Louis D’or Recreation Ground Richard Murray described the sessions as “informative”. He shared, “I’m grateful to the Division for bringing this to us. It was very successful and its one of the best things that I have done. I can now add this to my years of experience. It was a very good programme and I gained a lot from it.”

The workshop featured interactive lectures, practical, discussions and multi-media presentations on topics such as pitch preparation, sport field maintenance and health and safety. Workshop facilitator and Curator at the Queen’s Park Oval, Shaker Mano shared, “What we set out to do is increase the knowledge-base of curators here in Tobago, while sensitising them to the efforts taking place at other cricket pitches in the Caribbean.” He added, “I’m very happy and proud to mention that the guys at the Division are very knowledgeable. I also visited the pitches at Roxborough and Shaw Park and they have a lot of potential.”

The Division of Sport and Youth Affairs continues to place emphasis on providing the necessary technical support to facilitate the development of all sporting disciplines in Tobago.