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Idlewild community gets recreation ground upgrade

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Secretary of Sport and Youth Affairs, Assemblyman Tracy Davidson-Celestine, is encouraging residents of Idlewild and surrounding areas to maximise the usage of a brand-new facility at the Idlewild Recreation Ground. The Division of Sport and Youth Affairs opened and led a tour of the facility on Friday September 24th.

The addition enhances the amenities available to the community at the ground. This single-storey concrete facility comprises two team locker rooms, each with a washroom, and a large shower stall. It also features an officials’ change room with washroom and shower stall. Four public washrooms (male & female), including two for persons with disabilities, have also been constructed on either end of the building. The structure is complete with two sets of industrial aluminium bleachers.

Assemblyman Tracy Davidson-Celestine said the facility will allow the community to get more out of the recreation ground.

“This facility is as a result of advocacy and a need expressed by the community. In order to ensure that the residents, the athletes, the players, the footballers, maximise the use of this facility, they needed this structure,” the Sport Secretary said.

She further shared: “From the community perspective, we want to ensure that in every community that we have the kind of sporting facilities that would cause our people to play, harness their respective skill and would cause the people of the community to lead healthy lives. That is why we make these investments. An investment to ensure that every Tobagonian that wants to play, wants to lead [a healthy life] can have a place where they can recreate or harness their skills.”

The tour was attended by community and sport stakeholders, including Tobago Football Association (TFA) president Everton Alfred. “The Tobago Football Association accepts the challenge given here today,” Alfred said. “We will now use and create activity at this field that provides comfort and safety.”

Speaking at the brief tour, Administrator in the Division, Earland Kent, encouraged residents to treat the facility as if it were their own. “We are committed to the maintenance of it. Maximise the use of it and let it redound to the wider community.”

The Idlewild Facility is just the latest community ground—including Hope, Jubilee Park, Patience Hill, and Bloody Bay—where the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs has enhanced recreation facilities to the benefit and the development of Tobago residents.