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Legall takes Netball MVP

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Ashelle Legall of Matrix Reloaded was awarded the title of League MVP 2019 for her exemplary sportsmanship and discipline on and off the court. Legall is a former national player and member of T&T Netball Association (TTNA. She expressed delight at this achievement during the prize-giving ceremony to officially close the season on Saturday (September 28) at the conference room of the Shaw Park Hard Courts.

“This is such an honour and I’m thankful that they would have seen it fit to recognise my contributions. This was a well-organised and eventful league. Netball is a team sport and every player that would have touched the court has contributed to the success of this year. I’m hopeful that next year I’ll be here again supporting the efforts.”

The Police Trinidad team beat out the competition to become the Division A Champions of the Tobago Netball League 2019. They received their trophy and a cheque for $4000.00. Matrix Reloaded copped the second-place prize of $3000, while Blazers Netball Club rounded out the top three teams with a prize of $2000.

In the B Division, Titans 1 received a trophy and $2000 for topping the rankings, leaving Blazers Netball and the Plymouth team to settle with second and third place respectively. Blazers Netball Club went on to make waves on the scoresheet once again, this time as the winners of the Inter Division competition. Titans 2 took second place in this competition and Calder Hall captured third. Take Dat emerged the champions of the hotly contested Men’s Division, with Police (Tobago) earning the second position and Police (Trinidad) closing the winner’s row.

Highlighting the successes of this year’s Netball season, President of the Tobago Netball League, Ruthlyn Antoine noted, “This league started in May and finished in July. We were able to successfully complete all our games and we were very happy that we were able to attract some teams from Trinidad. We are also happy that we were able to increase the number of teams that participated this year, over last year. We are not only interested in running a league, but we are interested in the development of Netball in Tobago.”

In brief remarks Secretary of Sport and Youth Affairs Assemblyman Jomo Pitt highlighted, “I just want to pledge the support of the Division of sport and Youth Affairs to the advancement of Netball on the island. I also want to congratulate those young ladies who represented the country in the last Under 16 tournament and made me personally proud, Tobago proud and by extension Trinidad and Tobago proud.”

The full results of the Tobago Netball League 2019 are as follows:

League Champions:

A Division- 1st Place Police Trinidad

                      2nd Place Matrix Reloaded

                      3rd Place Blazers Netball Club

                      4th Place Star Seekers

Men’s Division- 1st Place Take Dat

                             2nd Place Police Trinidad

                             3rd Place Police Tobago

                             4th Place Matrix

                             5th Place Elite Eagles

                             6th Place C & B

                             7th Place SSS Boys in Blue

Inter Division- 1st Place Blazers Netball Club

                            2nd Place Titans 2

                            3rd Place Calder Hall

                            4th Place Goodwood Unifiers

                            5th Place Gems

                            6th Place Patience Hill

B Division- 1st Place Titans 1

                     2nd Place Blazers Netball Club

              3rd Plymouth

               4th Place C & B 2

              5th Place SSS Crystals

              6th Place SSS Rubies

              7th Place C & B 1

              8th Place SSS Diamonds

Shooting competition (Team):

A Division – Blazers Netball Club

Men Division- 1st Place Police (Tobago)

                           2nd C & B

  3rd SSS Boys in Blue

Inter Division- 1st Place Titans 1

                            2nd Patience Hill

B Division-       1st Place Titans 2

                            2nd Place C & B

                            3rd Place SSS Rubies

Shooting competition (Individual):

A Division-       1st Place Oprah Douglas (Blazers Netball Club)

                            2nd Place Mauricia Nicholson (Blazers Netball Club)

                            3rd Place Aneicia Baptiste (Blazers Netball Club)

Men Division- 1st Place Akeem Phillips (Police Tobago)

                           2nd Place Javon Williams (C & B)

                           3rd Place Cliff Nicholas (Police Tobago)

Inter Division- 1st Place Kaela-Marie Fletcher (Titans 1)

                            2nd Patrice Smith (Patience Hill)

                            3rd Ann Marie Ramsey Smith (Patience Hill)

B Division- 1st Place Arielle De Freitas (Titans 2)

                 2nd Melissa Scott (C & B)

                    3rd Delicia Taylor (Titans 2)


A Division- 1st Place Matrix Reloaded

                     2nd Police (Trinidad)

Men’s Division- 1st Place Police (Trinidad)

                             2nd Place Take Dat

Inter Division- 1st Place Titans 2

                            2nd Place Patience Hill

B Division-       1st Place Titans 3

                           2nd Place Blazers 3

Opening Sweat:

Pick Up Sweat Team

Most Valuable Players:

Kelis Davidson (Blazers 3)

Kaela-Marie Fletcher (Titans 2)

Breanna Vincent (Plymouth)

Rianna Paul (C & B 1)

Melissa Dennis-Scott (C & B 2)

Destiny Chapman (SSS Rubies)

Rene Horsford (SSS Crystals)

Kellicia Taylor (SSS Diamonds)

Inter Division:

Nyinka Thomas (Blazers 2)

Makayla George (Tians 1)

Antonia Paul (Calder Hall)

Kayel Vincent (Goodwood Unifiers)

Dencia Brebnor (Patience Hill)

A Division:

Mauricia Nicholson (Blazers Netball Club)

Anika La Roche-Brice (Police Trinidad)

Ashelle Legall (Matrix Reloaded)

Demisha Henry (Star Seekers)

Men Division:

Valdez Perez (Take Dat)

Dextroy Manswell (Police Trinidad)

Lyndon Lashley (Police Tobago)

Selwyn Bobb (Matrix)

Marcus Clinton (Elite Eagles)

Javon Williams (C & B)

Bronson Roberts (SSS Boys In Blue)

League MVP:

Ashelle Legall