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Tobago Draft Sport Policy available

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Tobago is set to benefit from a targeted and comprehensive approach for the development of the island’s sporting sector. The aim of the policy is to chart a strategic path for sport development in Tobago. Aspects such as financing, social development, infrastructure, national cohesion are all addressed. The policy centres around six (6) pillars; Total Participation, Openness and Transparency, Best Practice, Athlete and Coach Welfare, Good Governance and Opportunity and Access. It is against this backdrop that the guidelines and approaches within the policy were formed. These values also lend themselves to a holistic foundation, upon which the future of sport development in Tobago can be firmly established.

The Draft Sport Policy can be found at the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs new content hub at Members of the public are invited to review, and share their comments on the policy via email to It will remain on the website for the month. Comments will be collected and may be included in the final document.