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Youth advised: Create opportunities

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Chill and Chat-Session 2!

The Division of Sport and Youth Affairs continues to uphold its mandate of providing young people with safe, empowering environments to learn and grow holistically. This forms the basis of its continued partnership with the Tobago Youth Council (TYC) to host the Youth Chill and Chat Series. During the series’ second installation at the Roxborough Police Youth Club’s conference room on Thursday July 25, Tobago’s youth were encouraged to chart their own paths as a means changing the world around them.

The event was held under the theme, “The orange economy: youth’s impact on the creative industries”. Some of the topics discussed during the event included: the importance of having support, turning negatives into positives, personal image and branding, social media, protecting your intellectual property, migration, tertiary education, non-traditional career choices and Tobago’s cultural landscape. This series was designed to actively engage the youth on a variety of topics that are relevant to today’s society.

During the discussion, panelist musician Khalen Alexander, highlighted, “I would say to the youth of Tobago, stop looking for opportunity in the distance; create opportunity wherever you are. Let what you love be what you do.” Other panelists included: Aleah holder, designer Dayle Angus and social media manager Latoya Williams.

Meanwhile another panelist, recording artiste, Adana Roberts shared, “We’re talking about developing your craft and developing your talent. Look for mentors. Look for persons who have gone before you who have charted that course and who have insight on what is before you. There’s always something to learn.”

There are two sessions remaining in the Youth Chill and Chat series. These include an edition in honour of International Youth Day 2019 (August 12) and its theme, “Transforming education”, as well as a closing event titled, “Youth solutions to crime and violence in Tobago” which is carded for September 23, 2019.