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Youth groups encouraged to register

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The Division of Sport and Youth Affairs is inviting all youth groups and youth organisations on the island to register with the Department of Youth Affairs. Registered groups are encouraged to update their existing registration details on file. This drive will allow the Division to expand the range of services offered to groups/organisations towards the development of the island’s youth. Registered organisations are set to benefit from access to resources, recognition, networking and technical support.

Registration forms are available from the Department of Youth Affairs Roxborough Sub Office, Youth Development Centres at Signal Hill, Bethel and Castara or the DSYA head office at Orange Hill, Scarborough. For further information, persons are asked to contact the Department at 612-3792 ext. 1036 or via email at Additional information can also be found by visiting

Groups and organisations are asked to complete the registration process by Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Through inclusion and collaboration, DSYA remains committed to providing opportunities to empower, elevate and evolve.