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Sport to benefit from $4.1m investment at Courland

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Tobago is poised to step into a new world of sporting opportunity with the recent installation of the island’s first LED field lighting system in Courland, at one of the island’s largest recreation grounds. The newly installed lights came at a cost of $4.1 million and was officially commissioned with brief ceremony on Thursday December 2, 2021. The project is set to improve the functionality of this facility, while adhering to quality standards and providing long-term cost effectiveness. The new lighting system boasts a brightness of 500 Lumens which satisfies the professional standard for hosting of Cricket night games.

Present at the ceremony was a variety of sport and community stakeholders including President of the Black Rock Village Council; Learie Paul, President of the Black Rock Football Association; Ronald Duke and Area Representative; Assemblyman Kelvon Morris and Public Relations Officer of the Tobago Cricket Association; Marcus Daniel.

During her address, Secretary of Sport and Youth Affairs, Assemblyman Tracy Davidson-Celestine emphasized the importance of having high standard sporting facilities. She explained, “I just want to indicate that from the level of the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs, we are going to facilitate the development of infrastructure, recreational facilities, sporting facilities and more so we will invest heavily in ensuring that our people have the requisite skills and they can hone their talents and skills so they can become better sportsmen and women. This is why we continue to make these types of investments in the communities.”

The Secretary added, “We want Tobagonians to have places where they can live healthy lives and we want to ensure that we make the investment so that our young people who are sport-minded can have opportunities to compete just as our Trinidadian counterparts do. Over the years the Division of Sport has worked collaboratively with a number of institutions to ensure that we can realise those objectives.” She also went on to pledge the commitment of the Division to working alongside communities and organisations to maximise the return on the investment that has been poured into Tobago’s sporting facilities.

Similarly, the Division’s Administrator, Earland Kent encouraged Tobagonians to make use of the facilities available to them, not only for competitive sport, but as an avenue to maintain their overall well-being through recreation as well. He shared that the Courland grounds is also due to receive new equipment to complement its walk-around track. Kent explained, “We have already procured equipment for the walk around track, so we’re catering for everyone. Persons can come on evenings, mornings or midday and exercise using the equipment that we will install shortly, to ensure that this facility will be fully utilised.”