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Youth Leaders and Workers in Tobago continue retooling skills

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Leaders of youth organizations from across the island and workers are currently undergoing in-depth training designed to boost their capacity to serve. Delivered under the central theme, “Managing and Leading Youth Development for Youth Leaders and Workers”, this workshop is being facilitated online by the University of the West Indies’ Faculty of Social Sciences; Department of Behavioural Science. The Department of Youth has engaged the faculty to ensure that registered Youth Organizations and the Division’s staff, enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the dynamic needs and priorities of young people, in the current evolving youth development landscape. Sessions commenced on March 1, 2022 and will continue for a 6 week period concluding in May.

Youth Development Director; Ann Marie deGazon shared, “Upon completion of this course, participants will have a better understanding of the ethics and principles of youth development work, improve their ability to work safely and effectively with youth and youth-led organizations and enhance their ability to be more reflective in evaluating their own values, principles, priorities, interest, abilities, roles and performance. This training will position both leaders and workers to operate more efficiently in providing real-time services to our youth population.”

Topics which will be covered over the course of the interactive workshop include: Principles and Practices of Youth Work, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, Enhancing Youth Resilience in Times of Crisis, Project Planning and Implementation, Managing Youth Led Organizations and Conflict Resolution. The Junior Chamber International (JCI), Argyle Youth Stars, Tobago Youth Council, Canaan/Bon Accord Police Youth Club, Belle Garden Police Youth Club and the Tobago Pan-Thers are among the organizations participating in the initiative.

Leader of the Charlotteville Police Youth Club and workshop participant Rheanne Moore highlighted, “This workshop is a refresher for me in terms of content however, the facilitators are very clear and knowledgeable. It has been great so far and it’s good to see that the Department is reaching out to people who are leading and actively involved with youth groups to keep our skills updated, especially coming out of the pandemic.”

The Division of Community Development, Youth Development and Sport remains committed to the principles of positive youth development as we empower and elevate those who are at the forefront of managing and leading youth development in Tobago.