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Sport Development Officers

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Sport Development Officers transfer technical and physical knowledge to the sporting organisations and athletes, from amateur to elite.

Zone Communities Sport Development Officers


Canaan, Bon Accord & Crown Point, Buccoo, Mt. Pleasant, Shirvan, Carnbee, Sherwood Park, Lowlands, Bethel, Whim, Mt. Gommery, Sou Sou Lands, Mt. Irvine Carron Williams

Alloy Lee Fai


Lambeau, Signal Hill, Patience Hill, Spring Garden Scarborough, Rockley Vale, Darrel Spring, Pump Mill, Sangster’s Hill Calder Hall, Mt. Grace, Bacolet, Mt. Pelier, John Dial, Hope and Mt. St. George. Javon Carrington


Goodwood, Pembroke, Glamorgan, Richmond, Belle Garden, Kendell, Argyle, Roxborough, Betsy’s Hope, Louis D’or, Delaford, Speyside and Charlotteville. Sherridan Kirk

Nyron Orr


Castara, Lanse Fourmi, Bloody Bay, Parlatuvier, Mason Hall, Moriah, Golden Lane and Les Coteaux. Richard Goddard

Renasha Jones