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FAQs: Tobago Youth Assembly

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Are you interested in the Tobago Youth Assembly Programme? Are you in need of some more information? Read these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their responses to get all the facts:

Question: What is the Tobago Youth Assembly?

  • The Tobago Youth Assembly (TYA) is a voluntary programme that will reflect the current composition of the Tobago House of Assembly. The TYA aims to expose young persons to training and experience at all levels of governance and policy development. Young leaders with a passion for driving change and making an impact are encouraged to answer the call to serve. Once established, the sitting TYA will have the opportunity to operate for a one (1) year term. 

Question: Which organizations and stakeholders are involved with the initiative?

  • This initiative is a collaboration between the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Assembly Legislature in partnership with the Tobago Youth Council.

Question: Who is eligible to participate in the programme?

  • Young citizens of Trinidad in Tobago aged 15-24 years, that have been a resident of Tobago for more than (2) years may apply to participate in the Tobago Youth Assembly Programme in positions that have been classified as follows:

Candidates for the positions of Assemblyman and Councillor must be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago between the ages of: 15 – 17 years

Applicants for the Youth Assembly Legislature Secretariat must be between the ages of: 15 – 24 years

          Persons eligible to vote in the Tobago Youth Assembly Election must be between 12-29 years old.

Question: Why were those age groups targeted?

  • These specific groups of youths were targeted with the aim to involve them in the process of decision-making as it relates to matters policy and governance in Tobago. The Tobago Youth Assembly seeks to establish a youth voice on these matters, while allowing young people the opportunity add to their holistic development. The programme also serves to engender a sense of civic pride and responsibility among the island’s young citizenry.

Question: What are some the experiences the youth will have during the programme?

  • Youth will be exposed to personal and professional development throughout their involvement in the Tobago Youth Assembly. They will experience training in: life skills, image, etiquette and protocol, deportment, advocacy, public speaking, electioneering, legislative procedure and more. Once the Tobago Youth Assembly sittings begin, participants will also have the opportunity to table motions and debate policies.

Question: How will young people benefit from their participation?

  • Participants are set to benefit professionally through the addition of a wide range of professional skills and experiences to their knowledge base. Personally, the youth will also benefit from character building and positive reinforcement.

Question: What are some of the positions available under the Tobago Youth Assembly Programme?

  •  Available positions in the Tobago Youth Assembly Programme include:

Youth Assemblymen

The Youth Assemblymen will be required to represent the twelve (12) constituencies of Tobago and the views of the seventeen (17) and under youth population. Each Assemblyman will address the interests of their specific constituency. Youth Assemblymen will be given the oath  of  office, only after they are duly elected by a majority of their peers in each constituency.

Youth Councillors

The Youth Councillors are members of the Tobago  Youth Assembly and will represent the views of the seventeen (17) and under youth population in Tobago. The incumbent is required to address the interests of Tobago in line with the development goals set out for the island.

Youth Assembly Secretariat

Youth Presiding Officer

Duties: The Youth Presiding Officer is the spokesperson of the Legislature. The Officer will preside over all Sittings of the Youth Assembly and has overall responsibility for maintenance of order and observation of relevant protocol among members and visitors to the Youth Assembly Chamber.

Youth Clerk of the Assembly

The Youth Clerk of the Assembly is responsible for the efficient discharge of functions as they relate to the conduct of the Youth Assembly and, in particular, for the maintenance of standards of behavior among visitors to the Chamber. The Youth Clerk of the Assembly acts under the general direction of the Youth Presiding Officer

Youth Office Assistant

The Youth Office Assistant is required to perform a variety of clerical and administrative duties. Work involves assisting in the planning and management of meetings, maintaining records and performing routine accounting duties.

Research Officers

Duties: The role of the Youth Research Officer encompasses the design, execution, analysis and evaluation of Research projects. Duties involve the research and analysis of issues and policies designed to inform opinions and shape policy and legislation which is vital to the democratic process.

Communication Officer

Duties: The Communication Officer of the is required to develop, implement and evaluate the Assembly’s marketing and communication strategies including public relations and website content. Duties include using communication as a vital component to inform the general public of the initiatives of the Tobago Youth Assembly.

Question: What is the deadline for the submission of applications for participants?

  • The deadline for applications is July 31, 2020.

Question: After applying for a position in the Tobago Youth Assembly, will the youth be participating in an election process?

  • Yes! Twelve (12) Youth Assemblymen will be elected in the first ever Tobago Youth Assembly. Young people aged 12-18 will serve as the electorate in this election. In terms of the other positions within the programme, four (4) Councillors and a Youth Secretariat will be appointed by a special screening committee.

Question: What would you tell a youth to encourage them to apply? Why should they participate in this programme?

  • Unlike similar youth in governance initiatives, the Tobago Youth Assembly Programme will span the course of one (1) year, providing participants with both training opportunities and hands-on experiences throughout the period. Participants will have the chance to make an impact on their island and contribute toward the creation of a better Tobago for all. Further, participation in this programme is a notable accomplishment for future reference.

Question: Once the term of the programme is completed, what is the next step?

  • Following the completion of their one year term in the Tobago Youth Assembly, participants will receive Certificates officially recognising their time with the programme. The youth will also have access to future opportunities. The long term goal is to have the Tobago Youth Assembly institutionalised within Tobago’s framework of governance.