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Department of Youth

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The Department of Youth Affairs (DYA) is the managing body for youth advocacy in Tobago. We are charged with facilitating an enabling environment for the holistic development of youth on the island. Tobago contains approximately 20,000 young people between the ages of 12-29.

We consult and partner with young people and youth stakeholders to address youth development matters in the following areas: policy development, conceptualising and implementing programmes, interventions and services.

The main functions of the Department of Youth Affairs are:

  • Planning, implementing, managing, assessing and monitoring of youth development procedures
  • Fostering youth involvement in development processes
  • Coordinating and monitoring youth-led initiatives

The Department of Youth Affairs consists of four (4) units and they are as follows:


The District Servicing Unit has served 100 registered and unregistered youth-focused and youth-led organisations across the island of Tobago. This unit facilitates the development of young persons by encouraging their involvement and participation in avenues such as:

  • Youth Organisations
  • Training
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Youth and Community Activities
  • Youth Council
  • Resilience Building programmes
  • School to work transition programmes

Services of the District Services Unit:

  1. Registration of Youth Groups and Organizations
  2. Technical support and monitoring of groups and organizations in the following areas:
    1. Governance
    2. Organizational Structure, management and administration
    3. Capacity to implement and operationalize programmes and projects
    4. Monitoring and evaluation systems
    5. Sustainability
  3. Training and Capacity Building in all technical areas of youth development
  4. Financial assistance to youth groups/organizations and youth projects
  5. Networking and advocacy in support of the youth development agenda 
  • To effectively serve all young persons across Tobago, the unit has divided the island’s community into regions, districts and zones, with specific Youth Auxiliary Officers at various levels having responsibility to address the needs in the various areas.

Programme Development and Implementation Unit (Youth Development Centre Programme)

This unit is charged with executing large scale programmes and public education drives.

Services of the Programme Development and Implementation Unit:

  1.  Information and Resource Centre – providing:
    1. Assistance in completing forms and applications
    2. Document preparation, and printing
    3. Referrals for support services
    4. Access to government services
2. Learning Support- provides for:
    1. Home-work and study assistance and support
    2. SBA completion support
    3. Reading Assessment and tutoring
    4. Functional Literacy Development
      1. Where to find services
      2. How to complete basic forms
  • Statutory adult things to know/do
    1. Driver’s license
    2. ID card
    3. Insurance
    4. Banking
    5. Housing /Mortgage
    6. Taxes

  1. Life Skill Development Training
    1. Career Planning
    2. Interview Skills
    3. Starting and Operating a business
    4. Budgeting
    5. Resume Writing
    6. Goal Setting and Decision Making
    7. Inter/Intra Personal Skills
    8. Leadership

  1. Employment Support Services
    1. Job Search
    2. Apprenticeship Placements
    3. Assistance in Completing Resumes and business documents
    4. Interview Coaching

Intervention Unit

The Intervention Unit is responsible for providing critical support to stakeholders in a number of areas.

Services of the Intervention Unit:

  1. Promoting General Health and Wellness
  2. Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and support
  3. Substance Abuse Prevention
  4. Intervention and Support
  5. Healthy Lifestyle Education and Training:
    1. Stress Management
    2. Critical Thinking and Goal Setting and Decision Making
    3. Chronic Disease Management
    4. Resistance Skills
    5. Mindfulness
    6. Distress Tolerance
    7. Emotional Regulation
    8. Interpersonal Effectiveness
    9. Parenting and Family Management
  6. Support Groups Meetings
Other Units providing internal services
  1. Programme Development and Implementation Unit
  2. Training and Research Unit

Youth Policy

The Department of Youth is guided by the National Youth Policy. Learn more about our vision for youth as outlined in the National Youth Policy. Policy can be found here: